Portion Scoop Sizes

Numbered Scoops

Portion control is important.  For example when making meatballs, if their sizes are different, they will cook differently.  If you’re monitoring calories or some other intake, you’ll have a more accurate record when the portions are known.  Using a scoop when making ganache balls (think truffles!) ensures you’ll get an accurate yield.

Scoops are sized by number.  The larger the number, the smaller the scoop.  That had me baffled until I found the secret decoder ring.  A scoop’s number indicates how many scoops it takes to make a quart (32 fluid ounces).  A #24 scoop, for example, is  (32 fluid ounces ÷ 24) = 1 1/3 fluid ounces).

All the scoops I’ve seen have their number stamped on that ejector piece inside the scoop.  Sometimes it’s hard to see.

Portion Scoop Sizes 24, 50 and 70
Portion Scoop Sizes 24, 50 and 70

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